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The Day Camp Information has been updated.  You can print off registration forms  from the site and email them to us.  Go to News & Information and then Day Camp Info.


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This is the website of the Wolf and Bear Dens, Pack 513, of the Boy Scouts of America, Pikes Peak Council, Colorado Springs, Colorado.  The chartering organization of Pack 513 is the Church of Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints, 13th Ward.

The primary purpose of this website is to distribute information to the cub scouts and parents of our den.    If you are interested in joining our den, click on the information button above.

Our Mission

The purpose and mission of Cub Scouting is to

Positively influence character development and encourage spiritual growth
Help boys develop habits and attitudes of good citizenship
Encourage good sportsmanship and pride in growing strong in mind and body
Improve understanding within the family
Strengthen the cub scouts ability to get along with other boys and to respect other people
Foster a sense of personal achievement by helping boys develop new interests and skills
Show how to be helpful and do one's best
Provide fun and exciting new things to do
Prepare boys to become Boy Scouts

Contact Information

If you are a member of Pack 513 go to the Contact Information page.  Otherwise you can contact me via Electronic mail at
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